Vocation blocked by student loan debt

CBS News – July 13, 2016

NEW YORK — A young woman wants to be a nun, but has been told she can’t until she pays off her debts.

As CBS New York reported, a fashion designer by day, 28-year-old Alida Taylor said her calling to become a nun was not always clear.

After graduating from the University of Louisiana with a degree in fashion, Taylor landed a job with a Broadway costume designer in New York City.

“When I moved to the city I had all these desires. I wanted to have a career, a family, and marriage, but your heart begins to shift,” she said.

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Dominican friars discover Laboure

The following article appears in the Summer, 2016 edition of Religious Life , the official magazine of The Institute on Religious Life (IRL). Click the article to enlarge.

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Irish priest saves thousands during WWll

By Aaron James

The Vatican’s honoured an Irish priest who saved thousands of Jews and Allied Soldiers during World War II.

Fr Hugh O’Flaherty disguised himself from the Nazi secret police and set up safe houses for thousands of soldiers in Rome between 1943-44 including one right next to the secret police’s main headquarters in Rome.

His abilities to evade Nazi detection earned him the nickname the Vatican’s Scarlet Pimpernel – a reference to a book character of the same name who rescued aristocrats in France who were being murdered before the French Revolution....Read more