About the Laboure Society


It started with a chance encounter

In 2001 Cy Laurent met a young woman who was called to serve Christ.  Her dream was to become a nun and dedicate her life to helping the poor and elderly.  The one thing standing in her way?  Finances.  Cy listened intently as she explained that most religious institutions block entrance to individuals with outstanding education loans.  Given the much publicized priest shortage, and the ever-declining numbers of nuns and brothers, Cy found this fact troubling.  Further research revealed that of the 10,000 individuals currently discerning a vocation in the U.S., an astonishing 42% are turned away due to outstanding student loans.


A personal mission

Cy took it upon himself to provide personal financial assistance to the young woman.  Shortly thereafter, she entered the novitiate and presently serves the Church as a Carmelite sister.  As a result of that experience, Cy began actively seeking out other individuals who felt a calling to the priesthood or religious life.  With the help of fundraising experts, he developed strategies specially tailored to the needs of people pursuing a vocation, otherwise known as “aspirants.”


Building the Church, one vocation at a time

As the ranks of aspirants grew, the newly formed Labouré Society began to take shape.  Operations were moved from Cy’s basement to donated offices in nearby Eagan, MN, and a small staff was brought on board.  Currently, The Labouré Society helps dozens of aspirants each year to answer God’s call.  Through an intensive training program, and with direct assistance from Labouré, people of all ages and walks of life are eliminating education loans and moving forward to pursue their dreams of serving Christ and the Church.


Our Vision

A world where Catholic priests, sisters and brothers exist in adequate numbers to fill the worlds needs; where young people everywhere who feel they are called to the priesthood or religious life have the opportunity to pursue that calling.


Our Mission

The Labouré Society exists to provide financial assistance and spiritual support to individuals who must resolve education loans in order to pursue a vocation to the priesthood and/or religious life in the Catholic Church.


The Labouré Society has been approved for inclusion in the Official Directory of the Catholic Church.


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