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Ready to Lead

Seminarians enrolled in the Labouré program work together as a class to defray collective student loan debt. The fundraising experience exposes them to a wide variety of challenging situations, personalities, and attitudes. Labouré’s coaching methods and communication tools empower seminarians to transform difficult interactions into mutually beneficial outcomes, helping develop problem solving skills invaluable to future ministry.


Prepared to Evangelize

Labouré seminarians share their vocation stories hundreds of times. Audiences range from individuals to entire parishes — many with a limited understanding of the discernment process. The enthusiastic sharing of a priestly calling has two very important effects:


• Listeners are renewed in faith and inspired to support vocations.


• Seminarians grow in purpose, build confidence, and hone public speaking skills — providing a solid foundation for future pastoral and evangelization efforts.


Focused and Accountable

Through weekly contact with dedicated staff and trained volunteers, Labouré seminarians receive continuous support and encouragement. Best practices are imparted, focus is strengthened, and accountability reinforced. The mutual respect and shared vision between seminarian and Labouré mentors has been compared to that of pastor and trustees.


Tested and Proven

By partnering with friends, family, and community, and developing relationship management skills through calling, writing, meeting, and public speaking, Labouré seminarians forge a steely determination to pursue their calling. In fact, 80% of Labouré graduates enter formation, make profession of vows, and achieve ordination.


Willing Stewards

Many newly ordained priests have limited fundraising experience, and therefore tend to view such activities as distasteful, or even a “necessary evil.” The Labouré system imparts a different philosophy. Labouré participants graduate from the program as seasoned fundraisers who embrace stewardship as an opportunity rather than a burden. The fundraising mindset taught by Labouré ultimately becomes a launching pad for future parish-based stewardship initiatives.


Debt Free

The burden of education debt among college graduates has reached crisis proportions, and future priests are no exception. Seminarians regularly carry student loan debt for years, often relying on their diocese for financial assistance. These days, with mounting operational and outreach expenses, most dioceses are in no position to assume outstanding debt of any kind. Labouré’s tested and proven debt reduction model not only

helps free seminarians from the burdon of long-term student loan debt, it allows seminaries to reserve funds set aside for satisfaction of education loans to be used for other diocesan needs. The Labouré program was

developed to meet the stringent requirements of nonprofit tax law as well as Canon Law. Labouré program participants raise money as a class; therefore funds remain tax deductible for benefactors, while awards are nontaxable for aspiring priests. In addition, class donations always go toward supporting active vocations. Using the Labouré method, outstanding education debt is typically eliminated in a matter of months rather than decades.


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