What Aspirants are Saying

Aspirant Therese Miller, Summer Class of 2016

“Don’t be afraid. God makes a way where there is no way. I had a great deal of student loans and I said, Lord, I don’t know what to do!  A religious sister and a brother in the community I’m in encouraged me to apply to Labouré because they would help me mitigate my loans and enter [formation]. So, the Lord does really provide what we need [in order to] follow Him.”

Aspirant Alex Fagan, Summer Class of 2016

“Trust in God. Don’t be afraid. Move forward with the Labouré Society. It will be so much help, and it will give you so much confidence — not just on the fundraising level, but as an evangelization tool as well.”

Aspirant Emily Schafer, Summer Class of 2016

“Go for it.  It’s a beautiful opportunity, not just to remove the [financial] obstacle, but to really evangelize and build up the culture of vocations in the Church.  It takes us beyond ourselves – it’s not just about us.”

Aspirant Jade Banks, Summer Class of 2016

“Remember the one phrase, ‘Fiat, let it be done.’ If you were called to be a nun or a priest, know that Labouré is here to help you and the Lord clearly brought you here.  One thing Labouré mentions is, it’s not if you are going to [attain your vocation], it’s when… take courage and trust in God.”

Aspirant Mallory Deschamp, Summer Class of 2016

“To quote Mother Teresa, ‘We must first learn to raise funds of love, understanding, kindness, and peace.  If we first seek the Kingdom of God the money will come.’ So… just focus on the Lord and His love rather than any financial barrier that is in place…”

Aspirant Alice Snee, Summer Class of 2016

“If someone is called to religious life or the priesthood and they’re not sure how to proceed or where to go, they should realize that God called the people who established the Labouré Society; and if God is putting it on your heart to reach out to them, there is a reason He is doing that right now.  He recognizes this is part of your vocation, your discernment, and the journey that is going to bring you closer and closer to Him.”

Aspirant Justin Leedy, Class of 2015

“It is thanks to the generosity of people like you, moved by the Holy Spirit, that 6 of my fellow Labouré classmates have already reached their personal goals and will be entering formation after the close of this class. May God reward you!”

Postulant, Traditional Benedictine Monastery of San Benedetto in Norcia, Italy

Aspirant Brenden Bell, Class of 2015

“Thank you for all you have done for our vocations and may God bless you and give you all you need to fulfill your vocation in your state of life.”

Aspirant Sarah Meier, Class of 2015

“It brings me to tears seeing the incredible work of the Holy Spirit as you, our benefactors, who have become our friends and our family, respond with such beautiful generosity to God’s nudge to help fulfill our desire to serve God! Your prayers, your investments, your love and support are working miracles, all for the glory of God, and for love of His Son, Jesus Christ! May  shower His blessings upon you! What an utterly precious and priceless gift you give, as you bring us home where we will give all.”

Postulant, The Bethlehem Monastery of Poor Clares (Colettine) in Barhamsville, VA

Aspirant Tara Clemens, Class of 2013

“God has emphasized to me once more how we are each part of the Body of Christ with different callings, gifts, and treasures. We are asked to love and support one another with what He has entrusted to us. The Society gives so much for vocations and to each one of us personally.

“I have been blessed time and again with the generous responses of friends and strangers alike. The kindness of our donors and benefactors to answer God’s invitation to support vocations like ours, will allow us to give ourselves to God while serving the Church and world. We will never forget you and remember each of you every day in prayer and thanksgiving.”

Aspirant, Dominican Nuns of Corpus Christi Monastery (Menlo)

Aspirant Toni Garrett, Class of 2013

“This is an awesome process. It has been great sharing my story with people and hearing theirs as well; this happens often in meetings. They share and entrust their prayer intentions to me. It is beautiful!”

Aspirant Toni Garrett, Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth

Aspirant Katie Clemmer, Class of 2012/2013

“Fundraising is not just about raising money. It is about sharing my story with people and hearing their stories. It is about building relationships. It is about giving people an opportunity to become part of something beautiful. It is about being vulnerable so God can work through me. Honestly, I wouldn’t want it any other way.”

Postulant, Sister Servants of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, Immaculata

Aspirant Alum Samantha Bastian, Class of 2012

“It has been a blessing to work with The Labouré Society. It is a reminder that the whole Body of Christ is needed, and we all support each other in different ways. Because I am working with TLS, I have been able to talk about vocations in high schools, grade schools, and on the radio. We are not just fundraising -we’re evangelizing!”

Postulant, Carmel of Jesus, Mary, and Joseph

Aspirant Alum David Gockowski, Class of 2012

“The Labouré Society has taught me a great deal of virtues, among them: patience and perserverance, hope in the face of discouragement, time management, and especially humility. The Labouré Society is an asset to formation as well. The same skills that are necessary for TLS, namely, public speaking , running meetings, praying with others, fundraising, and especially dependence upon God’s providence are all applicable to the life of a Diocesan Priest.”

Seminarian, Saint Paul Seminary

Aspirant Alum Don Garcia, Class of 2012

“I feel the love and friendship of those who have donated and are praying for me. I am not alone; the staff and Aspirant classmates are only a phone call away. The Labouré Society has given us great training and support!”

Postulant, Franciscan Friars, Custody of the Holy Land