April 17, 2015

Sr. Katheryn Teresa is Busy

From Sr. Katheryn Teresa:

“The fall was a busy time that included classes with our formator, Spanish class, and an education class. I also went to St. Agnes Catholic School in West Chester, PA once a week. I spent my time there in the 4th grade classroom where I taught Religion and helped lead smalls groups in Math and Reading. I absolutely loved the students there and was very sad to leave in December.

“On January 10, I was sent on my first mission experience. I am at St. James Parish in Falls Church, VA for 12 weeks. While here, I am helping to teach 4th graders, assisting with after school activities, and getting involved in parish life. This is also an opportunity for me to be part of a local convent community, and see what it’s like out in the real world.
So far, I’m loving it. This experience is confirming that religious life is God’s call for my life.

“Well, that is all for now. As always, I hold you all in my daily prayers. May God bless you abundantly and grant you His peace.”

—Sr. Katheryn